Whatsapp Picture In Picture Mode Available Now In Android phn

Whatsapp Picture In Picture Mode Available Now In Android phn

View WhatsApp Put the image into an image of the videos you receive on the messaging platform. This feature was first introduced in the Android phones beta and now appears in a fixed version. With this feature, WhatsApp users can watch videos from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and others in Whatsapp Picture-in-Picture mode.

WhatsApp Picture in Picture Mode or PiP allows users to view the video in a floating window overlaid over another window, effectively helping users to handle many tasks better.

This feature has been tested for months and is now available to Android users. The update is distributed through the Google Play Store and is part of WhatsApp version 2.18.280.

In addition to PiP ( WhatsApp Picture in Picture Mode ), Facebook’s instant messaging platform also features many new features. The WhatsApp app for iOS recently received a call button for conference calls. Your Android phone is expected to be available soon. Conference calls are still supported. To enable it, you must first contact the recipient, and then add other participants during the conversation. A new conference call icon will allow you to add members before making a call.

Other dark mode messages for WhatsApp indicate that the messaging app will be more compatible with the Android 9 Pie UI, which by default is dark. Dark mode helps save battery power, especially on phones with OLED monitors.

WhatsApp also introduced new features, such as the ability to reply to messages directly from the shadow of notifications. Another specific feature allows users to see photos and videos in the Notifications panel.

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