What Is The Internet Of Things | IoT Applications | How Does IoT Works

What Is The Internet Of Things | IoT Applications | How Does IoT Works

What is IoT?

IOT is short in ( Internet Of Things ). basically, IoT is the concept of simply connecting any gadget,device. This includes the whole thing from Mobile phones, software, electronics, sensors, actuators, and connectivity, wash machines, headset, lamps, Used devices and almost no matter which else you can think of. This also applies to apparatus of machines.

How does it work?

An IoT (Internet Of Things ) system means of devices and sensors. Cloud Its a type of data base which “speak” to the cloud throughout some kind of connectivity. Once the information gets to the cloud, software program processes it and then may decide to execute an action, such as sending on the alert or automatically adjusting the some sensors and devices without the require for the user.

Main Examples of IoT:

User Connected with devices, smart appliance, wearables, smart meters, smart tv;s, commercial security systems, technical instruments and mainly in smart phones such these are the examples and related to IoT.

Main IOT Applications are:

  1. Consumer applications
  2. Commercial applications
  3. Industrial applications
  4. Infrastructure applications

Internet of Things: Seven features :-

• Using IoT get the data fast
• Fast Connectivity.
• Smart Sensing. …
• Expressing. …
• Consume Less Energy. …
• High Safety.
• High Security

Top-12-sensors-Mostly-involved-in -IoT :-

• Optical sensors
• Humidity sensors
• Gyroscope sensors
• Accelerometer sensors
• Motion detection sensors
• Image sensors
• IR sensors
• Gas sensor
• Water quality sensor
• Pressure sensor
• Proximity sensor
• Temperature sensors

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