What Is DuckDuckGo? How Does DuckDuckGo Browser protect Privacy?

What Is DuckDuckGo? How Does DuckDuckGo Browser protect Privacy?

DuckDuckGo Vs Google

For more than a decade, DuckDuckGo has offered millions of people a special Google search alternative, which offers more than 20 billion anonymous searches. In January of 2018, they took an important step to further simplify privacy on the web by issuing completely revamped versions of our browser and expanding the mobile app, with internal crawler lock, smarter encryption, web site ranking with privacy, and, of course, private search – all in one.

They call it the basics of privacy because they include, in a package, all the key components to stop the ongoing monitoring of their online activity by companies like Google and Facebook while searching and browsing the web. They are designed to work perfectly, without compromising your web experience; in fact, by blocking all these followers, it actually speeds it up!

Unfortunately, we remind you daily that our information is not safe online. These legal reminders have made Internet privacy a public concern. Privacy Essentials is a simple solution for you to restore your privacy online.

On your desktop, is available as a browser extension for Firefox and Chrome. On mobile phone, is an app for iOS and Android. The browser extension is to use desktop / laptop and is complementary to major browsers. The mobile app itself is a browser with built-in privacy features as well as regular browser functions you need (bookmarks, tabs, etc.), plus a close button that allows you to scan everything with one touch device.

Then, I’ll briefly outline how each basic privacy component works.

Shows and blocks the tracking networks that you see

The vast majority of online websites have hidden tracking networks. Google crawlers hide behind approximately 75% of pages, and crawlers crawl Facebook roughly 25% while many other pages are crawling. These traces absorb your personal information to track with online ads, study your browsing behavior or worse. This means that for any site you visit, Google or Facebook is likely to follow it there. It’s a definite creepy.

But it is getting worse. Companies like Google and Facebook collect all this information, and all these personal data points, to create intimate profiles for you online. The information and Data they bring together can include where you be alive, who you be alive with, your age, your preferences for eating and shopping, your favorite places to travel, your reading habits, your musical preferences, etc. They then use these profiles to sell ads with specific goals. For those who pay the highest price, effectively sell your personal information over and over again.

We believe that your data should not be for sale; in fact, DuckDuckGo has been profitable without storing or sharing personal information since 2014.

Privacy privacy protects third-party crawling programs that we can find on the websites you visit, including Google and Facebook. It also shows the key tracking networks that you track over time, so you can track who tries to track them.

Increase encryption protection ( DuckDuckGo Vs Google )

Although all sites do not provide an HTTPS for their site, this has changed quickly. Encryption protects you from illegal eavesdropping, such as ISPs or people involved in public wireless Internet access, by accessing your personal information while you travel online between you and the websites you visit.

At DuckDuckGo, we evaluated each site individually starting from the most popular site (there are millions of them!), To check sites that offer a strong encrypted version of their sites. If the site contains an encrypted version, we’ll automatically send it to you. Sometimes, sites will update you automatically; in these cases, we generally provide you with a clear (unencrypted) journey. However, many sites will not update it automatically; in these cases, we do this for you, making sure you always use the encrypted version.

Privacy ratings

For each site you visit, we calculate a degree of privacy. This estimate takes into account the number of crawler networks found on the site, the severity of these crawler networks, whether the site is a crawler, and the encryption of requests.

They also calculate the evaluation after applying our privacy protection, and show that assessment on the toolbar so you know how protected you are at a glance. You can touch or click on the icon to see the basic site’s rating, all crawler details, and encryption.

This feature also serves the second purpose. It’s a reminder that when it comes to online privacy, we need to keep websites at a higher level. No website takes action to protect privacy. As a result, almost no Web site currently has an “A” in privacy.

Your search In DuckDuckGo Vs Google

Of course, this app and add-on also includes your DuckDuckGo search. You share most of your personal information with your search engine, such as your financial, medical and political issues. What you are looking for is your own business, so the DuckDuckGo search does not follow it. Always.

As we’ve mentioned, we’ve been doing special searches for over a decade, and have everything you can expect in a search engine (instant answers, maps, etc.), all of which is in particular.

Privacy, simplified In DuckDuckGo VS Google

There are many privacy tools out there. We have recommended some of them over the years. But all the tools we have seen have major drawbacks, such as:

  • Only solve one or two parts, which do not contain all the necessary ingredients.
  • Not available in all major browsers and devices.
  • It is not really transparent, that is, it continually penetrates Web sites.
  • It is not exhaustive enough (i.e. it does not block enough crawlers or updates enough encryption)

There are also some common misconceptions about privacy features, such as believing that your browser’s browser (“incognito”) or “non-tracking” settings provide protection against online tracking. Unfortunately, this is not the case, leading to a false sense of anonymity on the Internet. Users must take additional measures to protect themselves.

Privacy Privacy provides crawler prevention, intelligent encryption and search in your ideal solution on all major platforms. It keeps you constantly informed at all times by connecting what is blocked with simple functions such as privacy.

We believe that getting the privacy you deserve should be as simple as closing curtains, which is why we created the basics of privacy to make it as easy and simple as possible. You can get all major platforms with just one download:

  • Firefox
  • chrome
  • iOS
  • Android
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