Walking On Cars – Hyundai Show Case Walking On Cars In CES 2019

Walking On Cars – Hyundai Show Case Walking On Cars In CES 2019

Walking On Cars

Hyundai unveiled a science fiction design studio that can not be stopped at the CES 2019, part of which is partly mechanical and partly robotic. Called the “Elevate“, a car similar to a small car “Walking on Cars “, developed to help rescuers travel in difficult terrain that will stop even the most difficult SUV.

South Korea introduced Walking on Cars Elevate as the best vehicle to transport. It combines the aspects of robots and electric vehicle technology into a unique quadrilateral model that is unlike anything we have seen before. While the potential uses of the car are endless, Hyundai focuses Walking on Cars first on emergency response situations.

The slim body has enough space to carry a stretcher with a patient on board, and the large side doors are a way for caregivers to load and treat patients in their place. The extendable legs with the wheels at the ends are what allow the vehicle to move in different terrain, as they can roll like regular wheels or extend to walk over obstacles or difficult terrain.

“When a tsunami or earthquake occurs, existing rescue vehicles can only transport emergency personnel to the edge of the debris field,” said John Soh, vice president of Hyundai and head of the robot-focused CRADLE division at the opening ceremony. “The crane can lead to the site and climb directly onto the wreckage of the collapsed flood or concrete.”

Suh said Hyundai sees several additional use cases for Elevate. “People living with disabilities around the world who do not have access to a slope [of the Americans with Disabilities Act] can contact the independent Hyundai Solitid that can walk to its front door, wheels in turn immediately,” he said. additional.

Although technical specifications are still scarce and Hyundai does not seem to have built a prototype so far, the company has indicated that Elevate is moving on a standard electric platform that allows users to change body relatively easily. It can serve as an ambulance in the day and perform taxi functions the next day. What remains under the body is the same regardless of how the upper part is formed.

The legs are operated by electric motors on the wheels, and the independent technology allows Elevate to move in a wide range of conditions. You can climb a vertical wall of 5 feet, stretch at a distance of 5 feet, walk like reptiles or like mammals, and get off to a 75 mph drive on the highway like a normal car.

Teaching a car to walk is difficult as it seems. Hyundai has worked on the concept of Elevate “Walking on Cars ” over the last three years. Hyundai told Digital Trends that Elevate is only a research project at this time.

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