Top 10 Most expensive Headphones Cost Would be Upto Rs.35 Lakhs

Top 10 Most expensive Headphones Cost Would be Upto Rs.35 Lakhs

1. Sennheiser HE 90: Rs 35 lakh (approximately)

Why are these Sennheiser headphones so expensive? For starters, they are assembled from over 6000 components. It comes with a stand made of Carrara marble and is well known for its unsurpassed sound. For 35 lakh lakh you would expect, right?

2. HIFIMAN Susvara: Rs 12.84 lakh

Available by reservation only, these HIFIMAN headphones also come with a special amplifier. They claim to offer 20 watts of power, while an amplifier has 50 watts of power. Second Most Expensive Headphones Globally.

3. Abyss AB-1266 Phi CC: Rs 3.54 lakh (approximately)

Abyss is famous for producing high-quality headphones, and the AB-1266 is one of the brand’s premium products. Headphones are covered with baked ceramic coating, and ear pads are made of high-quality soft sheepskin. One of the Most Expensive Headphones Globally.

4. iDiamond Earbuds Rs 4.53 lakh

These headphones are among the most expensive in the world and are studded with 18-carat gold and more than 200 diamonds. They were created by a Norwegian jeweler, who also made the most expensive iPod of all time. 1000 units were produced and, apparently, everything was sold. Third Most expensive Headphones Globally.

5. Audeze LCD-4z: Rs 2.86 lakh

Another line of Audeze LCD headsets, which uses thin materials and flat magnetic technology. The company claims that it has adapted converters to +/- 1 dB.

6. ​Focal Utopia: Rs 2.86 lakh

This pair with an open back from the French brand Focal. Utopia is the only headset in the world with a completely open speaker design. The acoustic quality of the pure beryllium M-shaped dome provides frequency response from 5 Hz to 50 kHz.

7. Stax SR 009: Rs 2.64 lakh

Made primarily of aluminum, these headphones come with high-purity copper wire for exceptional sound quality. The ear cushions are made of genuine lamb leather, and the surrounding surface is made of high-quality leather.

​8. Ultrasone Edition 15: Rs 2.14 lakh

Ultrasone Edition 15 is equipped with a Gold Titanium Compound (GTC) pilot technology. The membrane is made of gold leaf and titanium dome for better sound quality. The earplugs are made of fine American cherry wood.

​9. Audeze LCDi4: Rs 1,99,000

These headphones from the American company Aueze use a specialized vacuum cleaner consisting of ultra-thin film for the pilot’s design. They are slim, portable and offer outstanding sound quality.

10. oBravo EAMT-3: Rs 1.86 lakh

Coaxial in design, these oBravo in-ear headphones combine one of the most advanced hi-fi driver technologies, the Air Motion Transformer (AMT) tweeter and neodymium dynamic drivers (NDD) to deliver high quality sound.

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