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What Is Technology :

The definition of technology is science or intelligence place into practical use to unravel issues or invent helpful tools, Technology has necessary effects on business operations. regardless of the dimensions of your enterprise, technology has each tangible and intangible edges which will assist you to create amount and turn out
the results your customers demand. Technological infrastructure affects the culture, potency, and relationships
of a business.


What are the Types of Technologies:

Now we are dive into what are the main technologies.

1) electronic technology

Perhaps the kind of technology that we’re most conversant in in trendy life is electronic technology,
typically simply known as physical science, that may be a advanced kind of technology that uses electrical
circuits to attain a goal. electrical circuits may also vary in complexness. If you’ve got a glance at a board
with dozens of apparently random pathways mixed in with numerous parts, you recognize however advanced physical science are often. But, something that runs on electricity is electronic. This includes computers, laundry
machines, dryers,mp3 players, car-radios,telivisions and etc..

2) mechanical technology

Since technology are often so easy close to advanced, there are many varieties of technology. One kind is
mechanical technology, which includes wheels, cams, levers, gears, belts, and engines. Things that flip, or
permit motion in one direction to cause a unique quite motion, area unit mechanical. The wheel is perhaps one
in every of the foremost vital technological advances in human history, and nevertheless it’s super easy.

3) Industrial and Manufacture Technology

Industrial technology is that the use of engineering and manufacturing technology to create production
quicker, easier and a lot of economical. the commercial technology field includes a good vary of career choices
and employs professionals like an expert during a form of disciplines.

A manufacturing Technology in any business that uses parts, elements or raw materials to form a finished smart.
These finished product may be sold on to customers or to alternative producing businesses that use them for
creating a special product.

Here a look at six revolutionary technologies that are changing the look of manufacturing as we now know it.

  • 3D Printing. …
  • The Internet of Things (IoT).
  • Nanotechnology.
  • Cloud Computing.
  • Next-Level Robotics..
  • Augmented Reality.

4) communication technology :

Communications technology, additionally called information technology, refers to any or all instrumentation
and programs that are used to method and communicate information. Professionals within the communication
technology field focus on the event, installation, and provide of those hardware and package Like (software)

The following are examples of synchronous communications:

Live meeting. Gathering of team members at the same location.
Conference call in Mobile
Audio conference. …
Computer-assisted conference. …
Video conference. …
IM (instant messaging). …

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