T-Series Music Company India – T-Series Most Youtube Subscribe Count

T-Series Music Company India – T-Series Most Youtube Subscribe Count

T-Series is today India’s largest music company, as well as its name is taken in the world’s largest company! And this article can be read! T-Series YouTube Channel is
the world’s number one YouTube channel! Today, with T-Series 60% shares today is at that stage of success! Where only success is successful!

Guys, who started this company from a small business to the new height of success, was named Gulshan Kumar, who struggled in his early years but with the passage of
time, he built a new building for his success! However, as Gulshan Kumar reached the new feat, many of his enemies began to grow! And at the age of 41, he was
But this little life became a mishra for many people! And even today, his life introduction has become a source of inspiration to millions of millions of people!

One of the biggest music record compny?

This story begins on May 5, 1956, when Gulshan Kumar Dua was born in the Punjabi Hindu family of New Delhi! His father’s name was Chandrabhan Kumar Dua, who used to
sell juice in Delhi’s Dariaganj area! And since childhood, Gulshan Kumar had started doing the same thing for his hand!
However, due to the huge advantage of the work of juice later on, he began to sell audio cassettes less! And at that time, the audio cassettes market started coming
out very soon due to their new business, and after collecting some money, they increased their work in Noida and started a compny named SUPER CASSETES INSDUSTRIES!
After some time, he realized that if he wanted to join Bollywood, he would have to go to Mumbai and then with this thought he came to Mumbai, where he understood the
music more well and started increasing his business ! And then in 1983, he changed his music company name to T-Series!

T-Series gave its first original music from a movie called Lulluram 1984! Although initially no such album of T-shirts came in, the company could get a new identity!
And in this period, many songs singing Gulshan Kumar himself, the bhajan company continued to release at its own level! And all those hymns are heard by the people
even today! However, Gulshan Kumar continued his efforts even further.

And then for the first time the company got a new identity from the songs of the Ashikee film! And about 20 million copies of this album were sold, which is one of the
best-selling albums of today! And then the success that T-Series started to get started never stopped! And by 1997, it became the biggest company of music! And this is
how Gulshan Kumar was building a new building of success!

And seeing his success, many of his cometers were feeling jealous of him! And when he was only 41, he was murdered! And then in the investigation it was found that D-
Coma ny had the hand in the murder! At that time there was a boy and a girl from his wife Sudesh Kumari! The name of the boy Bhushan Kumar and the girl’s name is Tulsi
and Khudali! And after his death, his brother Kishan Kumar and his son Bhushan Kumar took over the responsibility to pursue T-Series. And then they also changed the
T-Series music umpire to the higher level!

T-Series Succes Story? YouTube Channel?

Bhushan Kumar was a young age, so he stressed the use of technology in his understanding, and this is why T-Series is still the number one music company in the
country! And on March 13, 2006, the T-Series YouTube Channel was created, which is still the second largest channel in the world and you might even become number one
channel while reading! Today it has more than 74 million subscribers! However, after nearly 4 years of making the channel, T-Series had uploaded its first song! And
every day about 15,0000 people join this channel every day! And the company had earned nearly $ 100 million just from its YouTube channel between January 2018 to July

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