Reliance Jio Smart Phone Made with US Based Company

Reliance Jio Smart Phone Made with US Based Company

Your Reliance Jio Smart Phone can be manufactured by an American company. It is reported that a telecommunications company owned by Mukesh Ambani is in talks with the US smart phone company. Below are all the assumptions about these “smart phones” Future Reliance Jio and much more …

Reliance Jio Smart Phone is negotiating with the manufacturer of the US contract Flex for local manufacturers of smartphones. According to the Financial Times (ET) report, “Geo is working hard to negotiate a big deal, and this has caused a stir in the market, prompting Flex to negotiate some tax breaks with the government in the SEZ.” Where is his factory? “

It is reported that the telecom company is taking care of the highest mobile phone users in the country for these smart phones. According to analysts, it is natural for Geo to seek the next low fruits – most of the 500 million mobile phone users who will switch to smart phones if combined service prices and phones are attractive.

Flex has the capacity to produce about 4 to 5 million units per month at its plant in a special economic zone near Chennai.

According to analysts, Reliance Jio Smart Phone may have to offer these smart phone buyers more than just data. “To successfully handle this task, Jio will have to take care of phone maintenance and perhaps 1 gigabyte of data per day,” said ET Navkender Singh, vice president of research at IDC, a market research firm.

Additional costs that Reliance Jio Smart Phone may incur may include the cost of repairing these smartphone screens. It is reported that one of the major problems that deter phone users from switching to smart phones is the fear of breaking screens easily. Because it can cost nearly half the price of a new smartphone.

Geo’s confidence in Flex Telecom can mean “bad news” for existing telecom operators, Vodafone-Fikret and Airtel. Because Jio achieved rapid results compared to the losses of its competitors due to a significant increase in market share in rural and the level of 3 cities after the launch of 4G VoLTE JioPhone career phone.

A recent report by research firm Bernstein suggests that the Jio support model could help him enter the market in the future. According to the Sanford C Bernstein & Co report, by 2021 Reliance Jio Infocomm may become the nation’s first telecom operator in terms of revenue in 2021 and in subscriber base by 2022. Bernstein assumed: “Given the present pace of persistent client engagement, Able to reach management positions in terms of return by 2021 and to contribute by 2022. ” “Now we are influenced that support for JioPhones will continue unabated until this goal is reached,” the report says.

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