Are the Earth’s North magnetic pole moving?

Surprisingly, the north pole of the planet’s magnet becomes very unexpected. Navigation systems throughout the GPS including the GPS

The Earth must take 24 hours to rotate one or two of their own axial axis. That is why it is 24 hours a day. But if the rotation of the earth varies, all things will be broken up. According to the current timetable, all the things that are set to nothing will be lost!

The geologic scene, however, is not nearly the same. The earth is not just a land, but a magnet, a huge magnet with two polarities. The current problem is that the Earth’s North Pole Molecule does not hold its computational position. Bypassing the predictions, the magnetic pole moves from Canada to Siberia!

All the navigation systems based on the Earth’s magnetic field are provided with false information. To overcome this, the ‘World Magnetic Model’ update, scheduled for 2020, had to be held on February 4, 2019. From the ships’ dynamics, it has to reset the functionality of Google Maps.

It is not clear why this strange transformation occurs to the North Pole of the Earth-Moon. The only thing that can be said of some strange revolutions is the inner edge of the Earth, which causes the magnetic field. There are those who suspect that the Earth’s magnetic poles are going to change each other!

Carl Friedrich Gauss, a German mathematician and astronomer, studied the geological spectrum in the 1830s and assumed it was within the Earth. In 1831, British explorer James Clarke Ross first determined the position of the northern magnetic pole. It was in the Arctic of Canadian.

The northern polar region was about 15 km per year, counting 55 km in the 1990s.

By the time the 1940s hit the North Pole magnetic field, it moved up to 400 km from the Canadian Arctic. Since 1990 its position has reached 940 km and reached the Arctic Ocean. In 2018, the position of the magnetic pole moved quickly. Now its position has reached the eastern half bypassing the International Date Line. It is at this time moving towards Siberia.

What’s curious is that the North Pole does not know anything beyond the Southern magnetic pole. The position of the South Pole has not changed so!

The ‘World Magnetic Model’ is the mathematical expression of the geological spectrum. Researchers at the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and British Geological Survey update this model to reflect the change in the magnetic field. The updated version in 2015 was meant to be renewed in 2020. The unexpected transition of the northern magnetic pole, however, That’s how you have to update the Magnetic Model now.

Science now knows that the essence of the earth is the essence of the earth with the term nucleus. While I was studying geese geese, I did not know.

The earth is a gap of 12,742 km. Going inside and understanding things is impractical. Instead, researchers rely on earthquakes to study the interior of the earth. The researchers study the earth waves as they travel across the different layers of Earth.

With a total distance of 2,900 kilometers from the Earth’s surface, there was a significant change in the velocity of seismic waves. British geologist Richard Dickson Oldham assumed that in 1906, the Earth’s atmosphere was liquid, so the waves would change that. He noted that the waves vary within the liquid state of the Earth.

The line of ground liquid limit is called “Gutenberg Breakout” (Gothenburg cutoff). This is the border between the scarf substrate and the silicate scarf on the outside. The boundary was first described by American geologist Pino Gothenburg in 1914. In addition, Gothenburg is the first to calculate the distance from the Earth about 3500 km.

The diameter of the Earth is almost 90% of cast iron, 9% nickel and the rest of the elements. Liquid amalgam is found in liquid pressure at high pressure and temperature.

According to new studies, the inner edge of the earth has two parts: the interior and exterior layers. The interior of this is at very high temperatures. It has a diameter of 1220 km, or if it is warm, or at 6000 ° C, equivalent to the heat of the sun! The Earth’s magnetic field is responsible for the internal pulp of the inner layer.

The geological field acts as a protective shield for the earth. It is the magnetic field that can save the Earth from dangerous particles of the sun and the distant world.

When the internal movement of molten metal is scratched and inspected, the heart is a dynamo. When the wave and torque vary with the metal speed, there is a difference in magnetic field lines in the geomorfológico sphere. The magnetic field is centered around the magnetic field. There are no geological poles and magnetic poles in the same areas of the earth.

The Earth’s magnetic poles change completely from one to the other. That is, the requirement of transforming the North Pacific to the South! Studies on magnetic spectrum devices in ancient rocks show that magnetic poles have been mutually incompatible three times in more than a million years. The total pulse has occurred since 780,000 years.

Full polarization occurs for a thousand years or more. Therefore, some researchers suspect that the current wave of the North Magnetic Pole is the beginning of full polarization.

Researchers are trying to figure out why the dramatic change in the planet’s Arctic is happening. Geophysical studies expert Livermore Peak at Leeds University show that the key role in determining the position of the Arctic is two types of magnetic fields below Canada and Siberia. In 2017, it was reported that it had weakened the Canadian section.

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