Google 20th Birthday Celebrations 

Google 20th birthday


Google Founder’s: Larry Page and Sergey Brin
Established In: 27/09/1998
First CEO: Eric Schmidt In 2011
India CEO: Sundar Pichai was selected CEO of Google on August 10, 2015

Google First registered a domain name called GOOGOL, and after then change the name into GOOGLE.

Here a Look “what is Google,” Google is the world’s no.1 best search engine, it gives us whatever information
in front of you in a single click, Almost 70 percent of worldwide web search quires are handled by Google

Google is celebrating its 20th birthday on 27/09/2018, and to mark the Moment, the world’s best search company
discharged a video Google Doodle to focus on some of the foremost widespread Google searches from everywhere in
the planet over the past twenty years.

But that’s not all. Google conjointly launched An interactive ‘20 Years with Google,’ that highlights varied
facts from its history of searches, reminiscent of “We looked for the sauce in 2009 and 2010 over ever” and “The
peak variety of searches for Monopoly was in 1999.”

And if you continue to haven’t had enough of Google’s stroll down memory lane, the search large has conjointly
highlighted twenty “notable Doodles” from throughout its history. a number of the Google Doodles it picked out
include the terribly 1st, unofficial Doodle, that marked founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin’s trip to Burning
Man; the primary international Doodle, marking Bastille Day in 2000; the primary interactive game Doodle, that
celebrated the thirtieth day of PAC-MAN in 2013; and therefore the 1st VR Doodle, that told the story of
Georges Méliès’ life earlier this year.

A Google birthday celebration additionally wouldn’t be complete while not some Easter eggs. For a restricted time
, if you search any words that are additional 1998 than 2018 on Google, you would possibly end up with a
result that reads “It’s 2018!Google Technology.

Google celebrated its nineteenth year birthday in 2017 with associate interactive “Google Birthday Surprise
Spinner” and shared nineteen of its favorite Google Doodles.

Google first Start their project ina single domain, after then rapidly enhance their products and services
widely and fastly in the Internet with User Friendly.And Then Google Time to Time Implement their Services what
user expect.

Google Transformation 1998-2018 :

Google In 1998
Google In 2003
Google In 2007

Here we Know ! Google Alphabet (A-Z) Products and Services:

A – Android / Analytics / Ara / AdMob / Alerts / AdSense /

B – Blogger / Books / Boston Dynamics

C – Capital / Calico / Cardboard

D – Drive / Design / DoubleClick / DeepMind

E – Express / Earth

F – FeedBurner / Fiber / Fi / Flights / Firebase / Finance

G – Gmail /Google / Groups / Glass 

H – Hangouts

I – Invite Media / Images / Inbox

J – Jump

K – Keep

L – Local / Life Sciences / Loon

M – My Business / Maps / Makani

N – Nexus / Nest / News / Now

O – Offers

P – Picasa / Plus / Play / Photos / Pixate / Patents

Q – (Nexus) Q

R – reCaptcha / Refine

S – Stackdriver / Search / Shopping / SageTV / Skybox / Skia / Scholar

T – Tango / Translate

U – N/A

V – VirusTotal / Voice / Ventures / Video

W – Wing / Wallet 

X – X Labs

Y – YouTube

Z – Zagat / Project Z

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