Google Shows Pakistan Is Best Toilet Paper In the World: Awesome Result

Google Shows Pakistan Is Best Toilet Paper In the World: Awesome Result

Google search results for “World’s Best Toilet Paper” showed images of Pakistani Flag. However, Google issued a statement that the search results screenshots were taken from the old 2017 meme, and denied linking them to Pakistan’s knowledge of the results of this research.

Google search reports showing this specific result came days after the Pulwama attack in Kashmir on February 14, which killed 40 Jawans. The Pakistan-based terrorist group Jaysh Muhammad claimed it was behind the suicide bombing of a convoy.

After the attack, some Twitter users in India shared tweets with the images, which showed that Google Search categorized Pakistan as “the Best Toilet Paper in the world”. It’s not clear whether all the images and screenshots that claim to show these results are true or not, and a Google statement said the company was investigating.

“As we continue to investigate this issue, we have found no evidence that Google images classify Pakistani science in response to this particular research,” the Google spokesman said.

In addition, he adds: “Many media have written about an old Mimz screenshot that does not conform to our user interface and goes back to 2017, and we have not seen any self-governing verification of these results.” Since the news was published, Categorize the images of these articles for this query, where the pages contain words related to the search. “

Here is a Results Below:

This is not the first time that Google has been accused of displaying inconsistent images in search. Last year, the search engine showed pictures of the president of the United States. UU. Donald Trump to search for the word “idiot”. Before that, in May last year, the words “Feku” and “Pappu” showed results related to Nara Lokesh respectively.

In December last year, Google CEO Sundhar pichai explained in a congressional hearing before the US Judicial Commission. UU. Factors that make search results look inconsistent. He pointed out that it is based on many parameters such as relevance, freshness, popularity, and the way people use rankings to search for the best search results for a particular query.

In the case of Trump, he said that because people bombarded Google, Google Play sites link search results in ways that some rank higher.

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